I am going to write about RATIONS, a dead DC straight edge hardcore band that a few of us were in.

Rations was a band conceived of by Parsons (original bass player of Coke Bust). He wanted to sing in a group that was no bullshit, to the point, completely a-political and not as fast as Coke Bust. He wrote the lyrics and around half the music for the songs, and recruited a lineup of friends who would round out the song writing process. The lineup included Pat Vogel (guitarist of Sick Fix, Lotus Fucker, etc), Blam (drummer from Deathrats, Time to Escape), Jeremy Evans (original guitar player from Coke Bust), and myself (Nicktape).

The band’s first show was a wild midnight house show at The Corpse Fotress (RIP) that started after a big Cold World show in DC. In a weird turn of events, HR from Bad Brains ended up performing too. He was upstairs wearing a blonde wig, watching The Simpsons by himself and eating cheese flavored popcorn for the majority of the show. This was probably the highlight of the band.

Rations recorded a demo for our friends’ label that Parsons coined, “The Anger and Disgust Demo.” The band played a handful of local shows and did a Northeast outing in the summer of 2010. We had a handful of new songs written to get recorded, but by the time fall rolled around a few members quit/didn’t care and the band ultimately fell apart. A few of us tried to keep it going, but the will just wasn’t there I guess. Rations was a fun band to be a part of. 

Anger and disgust Demo (2010)

and if you really care…

Live @ St. Stephen’s Church (Washington D.C.)

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